Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Three

The release date for Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Three is Monday, June 23, 2014!

This episode is really going to focus on Zander’s efforts to survive his captivity. Meanwhile, back on Golden Harbor, Kosmas has effectively cornered Keely into accepting his seduction. She struggles with her feelings for both men, while attempting to come to terms with her new life.  Keely needs some much-needed time to sort it out, but Kosmas is an impatient vampire. As ruler, he’s used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, and he expects Keely to want him as much as he wants her.

But she doesn’t, or at least that’s the way it appears to him. And this drives Kosmas nuts. He’s intrigued by the chase, but he’s also frustrated by it… And we’ll see that there aren’t any lengths he’s not willing to go to have her.

6 thoughts on “Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Three

  1. I have looked every day on Amazon, a couple of times each day, for part 3 of the vampires concubine and nothing comes up. Could u please let me know if release date has changed or can I get the ebook some where else. I love the story and have been looking forward to reading the third part so please please! Let me know. Thanks! 🙂

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