An Updated on Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part 4

How many of you are ready for part 4 in the Taken series?

I know that I am! I can’t wait to get back into the world of Legionnaire. I’ve had to put off starting it due to health issues, but I feel ready to dive back in. There’s a lot of passion and intrigue simmering in this world, and tempers (and libidos) are running VERY hot.

Poor Keely has really found herself in between a rock and a hard spot, something I think we might have all found ourselves in at some point or another. Have you ever met that perfect man, but there is that one thing, that one mountain, that seems too big to ever cross?

That’s where she’s at right now. She gave her body to Zander, her attraction was so powerful for him that she was willing to give it a shot…. But he let her go. And now there is Kosmas…. A man so sexy in looks and personality that he ought to be illegal. Who knows, he probably would be on Earth! There’s a problem, though. Kosmas might have been willing to mate her, but it doesn’t mean she’ll have his fidelity. Not with the Concubines, and he hasn’t shown any indication of giving them up.

And she’s still battling her feelings for Zander.

Keely is human, but those in Legionnaire are not. The rules she learned to play by no longer apply. Anything can happen, and it likely will.

I’ll be posting updates here about this book as they come along. If you haven’t followed the blog yet, please do! This way you’ll get a notification when something new is shared.

6 thoughts on “An Updated on Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part 4

  1. August…..
    we can wait till then no problem. I found these books by chance and have been spreading the word like wild fire. I look forward to reading book 4. May the games begin or should I say may the winners be BOTH!

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