Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Four – A Question and an Excerpt


Are you guys ready for an excerpt from Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Four?


Originally from Earth, Keely learned to be tough surviving in the ravaged remains of society. Her strength paid off when she was abducted from her world with four other women and delivered into Legionnaire – a planet full of vampires that are desperate to breed. She even survived the concubine market, and a seductive vampire’s determination to have her. Keely is a survivor, and a survivor will do whatever it takes to live.

But he’s not done with her yet. And neither is the vampire that is on his way back to claim her.


Copyright 2014 Desiree Broussard

And he could plant his seed in her. Kosmas groaned out loud at the thought, his randy body so aroused he felt like he could release at any moment. He was obsessed with Keely, insatiable when it came to being inside of her. Knowing she was tied to him for an eternity would only make him want her more. He’d have to be careful not to lose control. A human female was no match for a vampire’s libido, especially one like his.

She wouldn’t share him with his concubines, he knew this already. Little did she know, though, he had no interest in visiting them. As beautiful as they were, Kosmas found them bland and unappealing when compared to Keely. But they gave him leverage over her, something he might need. The concubines would remain in the palace, but not for the purposes that most would assume.

If she wanted him to remain faithful to her voluptuous little body, she’d have to assume the role that took several concubines to fulfill. His sexual appetites were voracious, his lovemaking knowing no boundaries. Would she be able to completely satisfy him? So far she had, and amazingly well. Only time would tell.

Fully dressed, his body tightened in anticipation as he walked toward the door. It was time for Kosmas to return to her. He’d been away from her too long already.

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You don’t have to wait too much longer! This book releases on Amazon on September 9, 2014. Now for the question. I’d love to hear if you’re Team Kosmas or Team Zander! Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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