Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Part Five Cover Reveal


Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Five

Release Date: October 14, 2014


Caught in the middle of two powerful alphas’ dark lusts, Keely must choose which male she will surrender all to. Will it be Zander, the golden vampire that is determined to save her, or Kosmas, the dark vampire that isn’t afraid to bend her to his will? Only one thing is certain… neither vampire will share her, even if it means that one of them must die.

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Available on or after 10/14.



I just bought us some time, but it won’t be much,” he said grimly, slowly walking toward her. “If I’m to protect you, we have to do this now.” Zander stopped right in front of her, his hands cupping her breasts. “Do you accept me as your mate, Keely?”


2 thoughts on “Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Part Five Cover Reveal

  1. Please tell me that the next release Part Five is coming soon. I am so hooked on this series and I love both Zander and Kosmas they are so HOT. Zander is so strong and loyal and then you have Kosmas who is all alpha and protective of the one (Keely) his heart needs, but screwed up and insecure because of his mom. Keely is my kind of heroine. She is strong, smart, sassy, caring, and all the above. I am so excited about this series. Since we are in the 21st Century, I hope the heroine gets both guys, is that sick. I don’t care. Can they both have babies by Keely a set of twin girls and boys? Pleeeeeeeaaaaase LOL. In addition, I am hoping that Zandar, Kosmas, and Keely get a clue soon because there are other enemies that are trying to destroy them. I just don’t think they know this yet. I know the author is holding back on this one 🙂

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