Amazon’s Adult Filter: What is it and why you might be missing out on some great books

Have you ever searched for a book on Amazon, and it’s simply not there?

Yeah, I have too. And if you’re anything like me, you just assume that for whatever reason the book is simply not listed.

But recently I found out that’s wrong. Apparently, Amazon has some kind of adult filter…. and even books that don’t belong in that category are being placed in it.

Especially if they were written by an Indie author.

The odds are that even the author probably doesn’t even know that Amazon has put their book there. It’s almost impossible to find them with that filter, and a lot of readers simply don’t know about it. So they miss out on a great read.

If you’re not able to locate a book on Amazon, the first thing to do is head to the author’s page. You can access this by clicking on the link that is underneath their book name (from a different book), or you can do a search for them. Once there, you will (or should) see all of their books, even if there is an adult filter. To see an example author page on Amazon, click here for mine.

You can also search the kindle store for that title. You can’t search the general search box directly on the page, though. You actually have to go into the Kindle store search and enter the title. Then you’ll see something about adult content. Click on this to allow. After that, the book should display.

There are a lot of problems with this adult filter. First, an author isn’t notified is Amazon decides to do this…. so they have no idea. Second, most readers aren’t aware that this even exists. I know I wasn’t. So naturally we just believe that the book is no longer listed. Third, a lot of books are being placed in this adult filter that don’t even need to be there… and books that aren’t erotica are being considered erotica.

You might wonder what the difference is between erotica and erotic romance. Or you might wonder what the difference is between erotica and the majority of the romances out there. Erotica is simply what it sounds like. It’s a work of literature that is meant to arouse. The characters are participating in a sexual out for pleasure, not love. There isn’t a happy ever after ending. A lot of erotica works end with the character still single.

An erotic romance or typical romance ends with a happy ever after or a happy ever after for now. Love and a relationship/marriage are involved, or love and the hopes of a happy ever after are involved. The sex is tied in with the emotions of the hero and heroine. There is a relationship between them.

So if you’re having difficulties locating a book on Amazon that you really want, I urge you to take the time to find the author, either through website or Facebook, etc, and send them an email. The odds are that they aren’t aware that it’s not showing for customers. If nothing else, the author can direct you to another retailer to purchase through. It will also give them a heads up that something is wrong, and they can work to resolve it.



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