Release Date: 1/19/2015 Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine – Part One

viking werewolf 1 cover

Release Date: 1/19/2015

Title: Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine – Part One

Genres: Werewolf Romance, Viking Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Erotic Romance




When her grandmother dies, Briony finds herself captured by a stranger. A sexy, strong stranger. Along with ten other women, they are taken to the planet Scorched… where they discover what really happened to the Vikings that once lived in Greenland.

Caged and held captive in a primitive village, the women believe they are to be thralls. But on the first full moon, they realize their fate is to be something much worse. They are concubines, their only duty to pleasure those strong enough to claim them.

Taken to a remote location, the concubines quickly find out that the tall, well-built men that surround them are werewolves… and they are willing to fight to the death to possess them.

Expected to participate in a barbaric competition, each woman is given a ten minute head start. But it’s not long enough. Thirty Viking werewolves are set free… thirty aggressive werewolves that are ready to mate.



Briony opened her eyes, her body cold and sore. She gasped when she realized she wasn’t at home. Instead, she was lying on the ground, with nine other women staring at her.

Sitting up, she immediately studied her surroundings. They were in some type of barbaric cell, consisting of wooden poles spaced evenly apart as they surrounded them. Above them was a thatched roof, while the pitted floor consisted of nothing more than dirt.

Damn him, she thought furiously. Her unknown captor had remained true to his word. And God only knew what would happen to her now.

Briony exhaled loudly. He’d at least left her with her coat, but as unprotected from the elements as they were, it did little to keep her warm. She stood up to walk to the nearest poles, which served as bars, before gripping them tightly to stare out into the night. Nothing about the dry, dusty landscape looked familiar.

She turned back to face the other women. All of them watched her. Some of them looked only fearful, while the others looked downright terrified. “Where are we?” she asked, her voice low. “And how long have we been here?”

All day,” a tall female answered her, in a loud strong voice. She, too, was standing, only on the opposite side of the jail, or cage, depending at how one looked at it. Either way meant captivity. And Briony didn’t like it.

We’ve been here for hours, but you were unconscious,” she continued, looking around nonchalantly, “as were a few of the others.”

Where’s here?” Briony pressed, jerking her head toward the side. The land was relatively flat in front of her, although she could see some hills in the distance. They were surrounded by rectangular-shaped houses, if they could be called that. They reminded her of the Viking longhouses she’d seen in the movies. There were enough of them to block the view on the sides of the cage, and even across the back. With their thatched roofs, they looked primitive. She didn’t see any cars, roads, or even electric poles. Briony felt like she’d been sent back in time to some Viking village, from years long past.

The other woman laughed, the sound harsh and bitter. She smoothed her kinky curly hair from her forehead with both hands, an incredulous look on her face. “Man, you must have been really out,” she finally said, her lips pursed together in what appeared to be disapproval. “We’re not even on Earth any more, thanks to the pricks that took us.”

She swept her hand out in a grand gesture. “Welcome to planet Scorched, or at least I think that’s what it’s called.”

What?” Briony managed to choke out, before turning to look back out in the dark night. It had to be some kind of joke. It just had to be.

You heard me,” the other woman shot back, in a no nonsense voice. “We’re on another planet. I’m not sure if they brought us here as slaves or something else, but I’m fairly sure they have no intentions of ever returning us… not from the way they’ve been staring at us.”


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This book will be available on Kindle Unlimited or $.99, reader’s choice! It’s possible that it will be live before 1/19, as Amazon sometimes releases these early.

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