Updates, News, and Info About Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine Part Five and More!

First off! I’m adding the finishing touches to Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine Part Five as I’m waiting for my editor to get back from vacation! Once she’s back this will be sent over for the final round of edits. I’ll update this blog with another post once I get a firm release date.

There are going to be at least a total of seven releases for Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine. Possibly eight. There’s a lot to this story, but all of it will be released before 2015 is over with.

The rest of this post is about Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine.

Recently all of the books were updated and uploaded to Amazon. The newest versions look fantastic. These new copies are live. If you are about to head over to Amazon to buy for the first time (or read through Kindle Unlimited for the first time) the rest of this message won’t apply to you.


Those of you that have already purchased (or read through Kindle Unlimited) aren’t seeing an update. I’ve emailed Amazon, and they don’t feel that the changes that were made are significant enough to place an update button on your device or to send out an email to those of you that have purchased so you have the option of easily receiving the newest version. In order for them to do this, it would have to be something big, like pictures that were missing from the original ebook, or a formatting issue that wouldn’t let you read it, etc. Since that doesn’t apply, they won’t send out a mass email.

So anyone that wants the newest version (that owns the previous books on their Kindle) will have to send an email to Amazon and request them to update your device. Again, this doesn’t apply if you haven’t purchased the books before today. Any books that are newly purchased will automatically get the newest version, unless you previously owned it and deleted it. In this case, you will still have to email Amazon to get the newest copy, even if you’re repurchasing (or reading it again on Kindle Unlimited). *Sigh*

So the books that have been updated are:

Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six – Christmas on Legionnaire

and Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine The Complete First Season

So again the changes just apply to previous readers. Whether you’ve read the books through purchasing or by Kindle Unlimited, to get the newest versions to your device you will have to email Amazon customer support. They aren’t major changes, but tweaks to make your reading experience more pleasurable. That’s the thing I love about e-books. You can do stuff like that! But I wanted you guys to have these changes in anticipation of Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Season Two that will be arriving in 2016.

Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine – Part Two Release Date: 2/17/15

taken werewolf cover 2

Release Date: 2/17/15

$.99 on Kindle or Free with Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Buy Link Here.

Please note, you won’t see the book on the link until Amazon gets this live, which will be on or before 2/17.


Briony was beaten.

Briony was battered.

But she never knew what fear really was until the primitive wagon stopped at the top of the valley.


Youtube – The Secret Wedding

Release Date: 1/19/2015 Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine – Part One

viking werewolf 1 cover

Release Date: 1/19/2015

Title: Taken: The Viking Werewolf’s Concubine – Part One

Genres: Werewolf Romance, Viking Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Erotic Romance




When her grandmother dies, Briony finds herself captured by a stranger. A sexy, strong stranger. Along with ten other women, they are taken to the planet Scorched… where they discover what really happened to the Vikings that once lived in Greenland.

Caged and held captive in a primitive village, the women believe they are to be thralls. But on the first full moon, they realize their fate is to be something much worse. They are concubines, their only duty to pleasure those strong enough to claim them.

Taken to a remote location, the concubines quickly find out that the tall, well-built men that surround them are werewolves… and they are willing to fight to the death to possess them.

Expected to participate in a barbaric competition, each woman is given a ten minute head start. But it’s not long enough. Thirty Viking werewolves are set free… thirty aggressive werewolves that are ready to mate.



Briony opened her eyes, her body cold and sore. She gasped when she realized she wasn’t at home. Instead, she was lying on the ground, with nine other women staring at her.

Sitting up, she immediately studied her surroundings. They were in some type of barbaric cell, consisting of wooden poles spaced evenly apart as they surrounded them. Above them was a thatched roof, while the pitted floor consisted of nothing more than dirt.

Damn him, she thought furiously. Her unknown captor had remained true to his word. And God only knew what would happen to her now.

Briony exhaled loudly. He’d at least left her with her coat, but as unprotected from the elements as they were, it did little to keep her warm. She stood up to walk to the nearest poles, which served as bars, before gripping them tightly to stare out into the night. Nothing about the dry, dusty landscape looked familiar.

She turned back to face the other women. All of them watched her. Some of them looked only fearful, while the others looked downright terrified. “Where are we?” she asked, her voice low. “And how long have we been here?”

All day,” a tall female answered her, in a loud strong voice. She, too, was standing, only on the opposite side of the jail, or cage, depending at how one looked at it. Either way meant captivity. And Briony didn’t like it.

We’ve been here for hours, but you were unconscious,” she continued, looking around nonchalantly, “as were a few of the others.”

Where’s here?” Briony pressed, jerking her head toward the side. The land was relatively flat in front of her, although she could see some hills in the distance. They were surrounded by rectangular-shaped houses, if they could be called that. They reminded her of the Viking longhouses she’d seen in the movies. There were enough of them to block the view on the sides of the cage, and even across the back. With their thatched roofs, they looked primitive. She didn’t see any cars, roads, or even electric poles. Briony felt like she’d been sent back in time to some Viking village, from years long past.

The other woman laughed, the sound harsh and bitter. She smoothed her kinky curly hair from her forehead with both hands, an incredulous look on her face. “Man, you must have been really out,” she finally said, her lips pursed together in what appeared to be disapproval. “We’re not even on Earth any more, thanks to the pricks that took us.”

She swept her hand out in a grand gesture. “Welcome to planet Scorched, or at least I think that’s what it’s called.”

What?” Briony managed to choke out, before turning to look back out in the dark night. It had to be some kind of joke. It just had to be.

You heard me,” the other woman shot back, in a no nonsense voice. “We’re on another planet. I’m not sure if they brought us here as slaves or something else, but I’m fairly sure they have no intentions of ever returning us… not from the way they’ve been staring at us.”


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This book will be available on Kindle Unlimited or $.99, reader’s choice! It’s possible that it will be live before 1/19, as Amazon sometimes releases these early.

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The New Cover For Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Part One

taken cover part one

Don’t you just love this cover? It represents everything that this series is supposed to be, which is sexy but classy, mysterious but Gothic. The vampires of Legionnaire are cultured and elegant, but underneath it all, they are still dark and dangerous.

I was recently made aware that there is some kind of glitch on Amazon in regards to book one, and it’s not showing in the search results. I’m still waiting to hear back from them, but there are still two ways to access this, if you are looking to start the series.

You can always see all of my books on my author page here.

Or, you can access the page directly by clicking here.

Hopefully, Amazon will have this resolved soon. If you’re having problems locating it, please leave a comment here, or feel free to drop Amazon an email directly and let them know you can’t find this book.

The new cover has been uploaded, but it might take a few days for Amazon to display.


Release Date: 5/5/14
Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part One
Genres: Vampire Romance, Erotic Romance

Keely was used to fighting to survive. It was the only way to live in the ruined and ravaged remains of humanity. Never in her wildest dreams did she really believe that vampires were real. At least she didn’t until the night she was abducted.

Taken and held captive with four other women, they quickly learn the reason for their abduction. Due to a genetic fluke, their blood contains the v factor… And the vampires want them to repopulate their world.

Expected to participate in a market and pick a mate, Keely is floored by her attraction to the sexy vampire that guards her. But he’s not the only one that wants her. How can any female choose?

“This can’t be real,” Keely muttered hoarsely, her eyes rolling about the room as she looked for a way to escape. “You’re crazy.”

“This is very real,” Olivia said, ignoring the last part. “And I can assure you that we are all fully in charge of our mental capabilities. I can see that you are determined to be unreasonable. So this morning you’ll rest. After that you’ll be escorted over for grooming, where our professionals will pamper and prepare you for our market tonight.”

“Market?” Keely strangled out. “Morning?” It was pitch dark out, except for the moons. She wasn’t making much sense, but Olivia seemed to understand her.

“Here on Legionnaire, it’s dark around the clock. And our market is a highly-anticipated, once a month gathering.” This time, Olivia blushed a bit. “You’ll be displayed for our males. Afterward, you’ll get a chance to mingle with them before selecting the male you’ll take as mate.”

“Oh, my God,” Keely rasped out. No wonder the guards had called them concubines. “What happens to the women that refuse?”

Olivia frowned. With her long dark hair, pale skin, and large, doe-like eyes, she was remarkably beautiful. She looked puzzled as if she wasn’t sure how to respond. Finally, she sighed. “To be honest, we haven’t had that problem before.”

Find the full series exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine ~The Complete First Season~ Now Available in Print!


It’s here!

Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine ~The Complete First Season~ is now available in print. This book contains all the releases, which are books one to six.

You can purchase directly by clicking here.



*This book contains all six books in the complete first season of Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine!*

Keely was used to fighting to survive. It was the only way to live in the ruined and ravaged remains of humanity. Never in her wildest dreams did she really believe that vampires were real. At least she didn’t until the night she was abducted.

Taken and held captive with four other women, they quickly learn the reason for their abduction. Due to a genetic fluke, their blood contains the v factor… And the vampires want them to repopulate their world.

Expected to participate in a market and pick a mate, Keely is floored by her attraction to the sexy vampire that guards her. But he’s not the only one that wants her. How can any female choose?

NEW RELEASE! Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Five is now LIVE on Amazon Kindle


Drum roll, please!

Taken: Part Five is now live and available for purchase on Amazon Kindle!


A vampire romance bestselling paranormal romance series!

Caught in the middle of two powerful alphas’ dark lusts, Keely must choose which male she will surrender all to. Will it be Zander, the golden vampire that is determined to save her, or Kosmas, the dark vampire that isn’t afraid to bend her to his will? Only one thing is certain… neither vampire will share her, even if it means that one of them must die.

This series is best read in order. See parts one through four exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

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Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Five Is Now Uploading on Amazon Kindle


Great news!

Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Part Five has now been uploaded to Amazon Kindle. At this point, it’s up to Amazon as to how soon it will be live. It could be tonight, or it could be tomorrow.  It could even take as long as twenty-four hours, but hopefully not!

When the book is live, you will be able to purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.  After you are finished, please make sure to click on through in the book to the special note I’ve included.

Happy reading!